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Foggy Glass Services

foggy insulated glass

Complete foggy glass repair & replacement services.

Looking to repair or fix your cloudy / foggy glass? When your windows begin to appear fogged you may see a cloudy spot or dirt buildup in between the panes of glass chances are your sealed window has failed as moisture will begin to build up inside the glass and give off a “fogged” or “cloudy” appearance.

Need immediate service or have a question? Give us a call at 708-343-8800 or text in photos of your bad / foggy glass to 847-305-6372.

Blaine Service and Supply can come out on location to assess the damage and provide you a quote or you can also get a rough estimate by filling out the simple estimate form and submitting pictures of your windows. We will provide custom manufactured units and offer complete failed double glazing glass replacement services in and around the Chicago area, our team will come out and measure for new insulated sealed units and provide you a price on new glass installation.

You can also bring your bad thermal-glass into our storefront for an estimate and repairs simply take out your damaged window and secure / board up the opening. If you call ahead of time you can find out if we have a shop available to measure the glass and give your old unit back to you until your new glass is ready. We can also measure for and install new sliding glass door units sealed double pane tempered glass (safety glass).

Units can and will eventually go bad and to remove the fog efficiently from your window would require a brand new sealed pane of glass. Your glass can go bad from a variety of reasons such as: deterioration, mistakes made from the installation or simply old age (Your thermal pane units typically can last between 15-25 years).

A broken seal on your window can reduce the insulating capabilities and can potentially make your heating bills go up. Do you see fog, condensation, moisture or dampness in between the panes of glass? We provide complete repair services either on site or in store for thermal pane glass. If the glass in your thermals have started to “fog” up, you may need to replace your sealed glass unit.