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Over 30,000 window replacement parts in stock or available to order.

At Blaine Service and Supply we specialize in repairs for these out-of-business companies in Chicago, IL. We service both glass and window repair for Republic Windows™, Sound Solutions Windows™ and Armaclad Windows™.

In stock now: Window Operators, Hinges, Balance Systems, Handles / Keepers, Door Closers, Closets & Pocket Doors, Locker Hardware, Weather Stripping, Patio Door Hardware, Screen Material & Components.

We supply replacement parts for these out-of-business Chicago area companies!

You can visit our eBay store or our nationwide site at Blaine Hardware to purchase common replacement parts for shipment to your home or business.

You can also browse our catalog for a more comprehensive list of some of the items we stock, not sure what you need? Just e-mail us or text good photos to 847-305-6372.